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A lot of big things have happened for me in 2014 so far. At my day job, I’ve helped create, organize, and run a public program and my first large-scale party. I’ve started diving into the SF improv comedy scene. I’ve been seeing more of the Bay Area social scene than my past 4 years in college. I’ve been listening to new podcasts so that’s cool.

Also, I recently started interning for Slow Art Day’s tumblr and website blogs. I’ve had a crush on the slow art movement for a few years now and am honored to be part of the organizations team.

Slow Art Day ( slowartday ) is a day that happens once a year where groups of people gather around the world to just look at art. One hour of one day is devoted to looking at 4-5 pieces of pre-chosen art. No racing through the galleries. No instagraming before looking. Just looking, grabbing lunch, and talking about what everyone saw.

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The bay bridge has a light installation aptly titled “The Bay Lights” by Leo Villareal. It covers the north side of the San Francisco section of the bridge with over 25,000 synchronized LED lights that flutter in waves from dusk till dawn. It’s beautiful.

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PRESENTING ANOEW: Articles No One Else Wanted. It is pronounced /əˈn(y)o͞o/, as in she thought she would begin 2014 anoew by posting any random shit remotely related to pop culture or art history on her sparsely read blog.

Despite sending a tweet and a Facebook post into the world wide web, I’ve yet to find a respectable internet presence that cares about my thoughts on the new Comedy Central show Broad City. SO I will post my thoughts here. Every week. Deal with it.

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