A Hello and A Full Disclosure

Dear Readers,
As all five of you may have noticed, my attention to The Strutting Leos has been wavering from “distracted substitute teacher” levels to just non-existent. I started this blog because I had a lot of feelings about pop culture and art history. I still do. Almost overwhelmingly so.

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Three months ago, I moved across the country. I left a solid group of loved ones, a few potential job paths, and a wall’s worth of books behind.  I’m now struggling to make it (still dunno what “it” is) in New York City and have already caught a few breaks. I’ve made a handful of decent friends, found a few new discounted coffee table books, and even found an almost full-time job! I absolutely do not regret my move but I am still very overwhelmed. I spend most of my weekends not leaving my apartment because I need a break from constantly being in a new place every time I step foot outside. The “real world” in NYC is very fast and often smells like humid garbage. I love it.

I started this blog with the intent of making youtube lectures twice a month. I can’t currently fathom being able to accomplish that right now. Instead, I humbly return to you with the plan to write about at least one piece of art per week. Maybe it’ll be 100 words or maybe it will be a fully produced video. I just need start this again because I still don’t understand how snapchat works or how to successfully meme Gothic Illuminations…

Okay. Now this is the full disclosure part of my letter. As a confused yet personable twenty-something with an almost useless BA in Art History, I’ve successfully found a job at a museum! I work an entry level, non-curatorial/educational job at the Museum of Modern Art. Anything I write is my personal view and does not in any way reflect my employer’s views. They know this blog exists and this blog knows they exist. We’re cool. Since I have six floors of modern art at my viewing pleasure on my daily lunch breaks, I may occasionaly write about a piece at MoMA. I’ll make sure to re-disclose my conflict of interest but will work hard to write as an art nerd visitor rather than an extremely biased employee.

I miss talking about art. I hope that by lowering the stakes I’ve set for myself, I can more successfully start a few accessible conversations about art and pop culture. Or I’ll just turn this into a LiveJournal accompanied by various self-portraits by female artists. OH THE PLACES WE WILL GO.

-Rachel Levinson

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