Month: May 2015


I just went to my second ever visit to Art Market San Francisco. I’ve been to Bonnaroo and I still find art fairs more exhausting than three days under the Tennessee sun. At least after a weekend of too much sweat and too little showers I’ve sacrificed my well-being for four hours of Paul McCartney. At the end of four hours in Art Market, I just stumble out into the breezy Marina to contemplate if I saw anything of worth.

That’s not to say there aren’t pieces selling for insanely high prices; or even that there aren’t beautiful, important works of art… I just get so overwhelmed in that environment, that I wouldn’t know if I was looking at the masterpiece of 2015 even if I was sipping gourmet coffee in front of it for 10 minutes. To be fair (sorry), they aren’t promoting this event incorrectly. It’s exactly what it promises to be, which is a warehouse full of galleries showing their most enticing merchandise.

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