Month: May 2014

A lot of big things have happened for me in 2014 so far. At my day job, I’ve helped create, organize, and run a public program and my first large-scale party. I’ve started diving into the SF improv comedy scene. I’ve been seeing more of the Bay Area social scene than my past 4 years in college. I’ve been listening to new podcasts so that’s cool.

Also, I recently started interning for Slow Art Day’s tumblr and website blogs. I’ve had a crush on the slow art movement for a few years now and am honored to be part of the organizations team.

Slow Art Day ( slowartday ) is a day that happens once a year where groups of people gather around the world to just look at art. One hour of one day is devoted to looking at 4-5 pieces of pre-chosen art. No racing through the galleries. No instagraming before looking. Just looking, grabbing lunch, and talking about what everyone saw.

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