Broad City Review: “Stolen Phone”

The bay bridge has a light installation aptly titled “The Bay Lights” by Leo Villareal. It covers the north side of the San Francisco section of the bridge with over 25,000 synchronized LED lights that flutter in waves from dusk till dawn. It’s beautiful.

My favorite way to enjoy the lights is to walk out on Pier 14 just before dusk and watch the bridge slowly glitter as the dim LED’s compete to become brighter than a serene, purple sunset. The effect is more magical and nuanced than stumbling upon the sculpture at night with the lights at full attention.

Photo credit: my instagram (@minirachel)

The sun is setting on Broad City and you better get your butt out here to watch them beam soon. The first few episodes gave us glimmers of comedy gold but this week’s episode was so on point, I’m not surprised Comedy Central already renewed the show for season 2.

“Stolen Phone” is my favorite episode so far. To the point where I’ve written and deleted this paragraph a few times because it turns into me actually paraphrasing the entire 22 minutes. I’m having trouble organizing my thoughts so here is a bulleted list of everything Abbi and Ilana shared last night that I hold dear:

  • The immediate highs and lows of internet dating binges
  • The bubbles you feel when hitting it off with a cute guy
  • The confusion you feel when he calls you hot
  • The elation you feel when he asks you out on a date
  • The total panic you feel when you lose your phone
  • The correct amount of energy to put into finding a one night stand

Photo Credit: The broadcity tumblr

  • The magical moment when your one night stand is a hot feminist
  • The not-so-magical moment when your hot, feminist hook-up is a not-so-talented comedy improv dude
  • The magical moment when you can track your phone
  • The not-so-magical moment when your phone drags you into every New York City tourist trap for a day
  • The magical moment when running around the city with your best friend turns out fun
  • The not-so-magical moment when you accidentally ignore the really decent guy you’re sorta-kinda-dating
  • The magical moment when you make it on time to your date with the guy who called you hot
  • The not-so-magical moment when he is in-sahn-ly boring
  • Also, the existence of this girl

Photo credit: The broadcity tumblr

Okay. I know this wasn’t a review but what do you want from me?? I’m still reeling from it’s awesomness. Broad City is ***Flawless and you need to keep watching. In the words of Abbi to Jeremy but from me to BC, “…I love you too”.

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