ANOEW: I’m just a fan typing on Tumblr asking the world to love Broad City.

PRESENTING ANOEW: Articles No One Else Wanted. It is pronounced /əˈn(y)o͞o/, as in she thought she would begin 2014 anoew by posting any random shit remotely related to pop culture or art history on her sparsely read blog.

Despite sending a tweet and a Facebook post into the world wide web, I’ve yet to find a respectable internet presence that cares about my thoughts on the new Comedy Central show Broad City. SO I will post my thoughts here. Every week. Deal with it.


I feel like I should disclaim that I am biased towards this show in a way that does not even make sense.  I feel such a strong, personal connection towards Abbi Jacobson ( abbijacobson ) and Ilana Glazer, the creators/stars, that I’m thinking of coining myself as a Broadlieber (…I can do better than that. Get back to me next week). The show has been intensely promoted all over the internet along with in-person stops in the Broad City truck around NYC in the first few weeks. It is enough to make me excited for the show and enough to make other non-Broadlieber’s wary of the show’s potential.

Broad City has been marketed as the female response to Workaholics, which is awful because I can’t argue against that claim. I mean, I can and will in this article but I can’t argue against it in 140 characters or less. Then again, why should I have to?

The interwebz (aka three male-identifying humans commenting on my facebook post) have told me that Broad City seems good and all but it is just too much drug humor to handle immediately after Workaholics.

The Rational side of me reads that and says, “Yes, I can see how watching a solid hour of marijuana-induced hijinx interspersed with Taco Bell commercials can become exhausting week after week”.

The Broadlieber side of me reads that and says, “Oh. I see. You don’t think women can be funny. Since you don’t find it attractive to watch two girls be broke and stoned in NYC without sex being a main part of their plot development, you’d rather watch some dudes do the exact same thing in a more boring setting. You’re who my feminist film criticism professor warned me about in the real world”.

The Mama Bear (just right) side of me reads that and says, “I understand that not everyone will love this show and I’m glad you are giving it a try. Even if it is only for the one minute of screen time Hannibal Buress gets each week. You boys may not understand the surreal truths of the scenes where Ilana awkwardly includes Abbi in her impromptu make out sesh, or when Abbi schedules her masturbation sessions, or how much work the two would go through for Abbi to have the chance of hot neighbor sex… but I understand it. My best friend does too. The girl sitting across from you on BART probably does too.”

These are the truly ridiculous elements of being a broke, twenty-something that Lena Dunham and Zooey Dechanel don’t share in their shows. Broad City leaps away from the adorkable and the angsty to explain the post-college, coming-of-age journey. The duo tells the stories of daily existence under a lens that magnifies the goofiness by ten. They don’t work to make it more attractive to adults, teens, network execs, or even twenty-something girls. They just tell funny stories with a ton of bizarre jokes that are strong enough to act as short-form sketches. It’s almost as if their YouTube series of shorts prepped them for writing a solid 22 minutes each week. (Hint: It totally did.)

As you may have been able to tell by this point, it’s going to take a lot for me to lose interest in this show. I’ll be writing a weekly recap whether you like it or not. Don’t worry, you nor I want this to turn into a “can women be funny” debate or a Guerilla Girls comparison. So it won’t. I’m just a fan typing on Tumblr asking the world to love Broad City.

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